The Blue Collar King’s Blueprint for Success

Unleash Your Untapped Potential and Ascend to New Heights of Success

Feeling stuck in a cycle of wanting more but not quite being able to grasp it? Not just profits and revenue, but something deeper, something more impactful?

Matt Murray is bringing something to the table that’s designed to help you achieve that “something more” that you’ve been looking for: A new book with a fresh perspective on success.

The Blue Collar King’s Blueprint for Success isn’t your average business book. Instead, Matt pulls back the curtain on the real, unfiltered challenges of running a service business in the blue-collar trades. He digs deep, going beyond the superficial advice of most business books to explore what it truly takes to create growth and success. Not just financially, but emotionally and holistically as well.

And he does it all in clear language, without any of that academic or corporate-speak nonsense that makes so many business books difficult to follow and implement in your business.

Break Free:

Discover the Transformational Journey of Overcoming Self-Imposed Limits

In The Blue Collar King’s Blueprint for Success, Matt walks you through his own tribulations and breakthroughs during his journey of running a commercial HVAC/R business. Most importantly, he shares the lessons learned as he grew this company from a side job to an 8-figure cash flow machine.

Matt’s narrative is relatable and his realizations profound.

He talks about hitting his limits and trying every possible method, strategy, system and advice out there to grow his business, often without success. Matt was stuck in a cycle of trial and error until he noticed the common denominator in all his endeavors: himself.

It was a tough realization, but it set him on a path of personal and professional development that transformed everything.

Through candid stories and clear, actionable advice, Matt helps you navigate through your own business journey. If you’ve found yourself stuck at a standstill, trying desperately to figure out what’s holding you back, this book is for you.

Beyond Wealth:

Step into a World Where Fulfillment, Impact, and Freedom

Define Success!

When you think about it, you see that the popular metrics of success – more sales, more money and more financial stability – are just the outer layer of what you really want. That’s why The Blue Collar King's Blueprint for Success dives deeper so that you will also learn how to achieve the fulfillment, impact, freedom and enjoyment that we are all genuinely striving for.

It’s time to finally enjoy true success on all levels

Matt’s book is a blueprint, a systematic guide designed to help you create an environment where you, your team and your business can not only survive but truly flourish.

This book promises to be not merely a good read, but a journey. It’s a transformative experience that stems from taking a systematic approach towards your personal and professional lives.

Especially crafted for hard-working blue-collar mavericks, this book is for those unafraid to get their hands dirty, who are committed to impact-making and continuous self-improvement.

The truth is, Matt doesn’t want you to just read the book. He wants you to commit to a paradigm shift. It’s time to discard methods and beliefs that have not been serving you and replace them with methods and beliefs that will fuel your success.

Ready for Change?

Step into Elevated Success and Capability

If you see value in a structured, systematic approach and are prepared to change how you navigate through your business and life, you are the person this book seeks to assist.

The questions now are: Are you ready to jump in? Are you willing to embark on this transformative journey?

Every new day brings a choice to redefine your capabilities.

You can stay where you’re at now, struggling to make your business a success and wondering why the things you really want always seem to be out of reach. Or you can choose to elevate from your status quo and dive into a change that could potentially reshape your world.

The Blue Collar King’s Blueprint for Success is meant to be your guide to navigating this change, leading you to a path of enhanced capability and success.

Seize the Moment:

Your Pathway to Unleashed Growth and Unparalleled Success Awaits!

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Meet the Blue Collar King: Matt Murray

Over 26 years ago Matt Murray started his career in the commercial HVAC & Refrigeration field. Today he is the Blue Collar King: a highly successful business owner, entrepreneur, author, coach and consultant. As such, Matt’s expertise goes far beyond “just” his technical expertise in the HVAC/R field. Matt is also an expert in mindset, personal development, leadership and business development, operations, strategic planning, sales and more.

Matt is passionate about helping others live happy, successful and fulfilling lives. In addition to running his 8-figure commercial HVAC/R business he also guides owners and would-be owners of service-based businesses in the blue-collar trades to success both personally and professionally.

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